Sunday Morning

Last week ended up being a wash for me. The trip I was on somehow sucked the life out of me. The class stinks, and I was more than a little bummed by the hotel, which looked to be in a promising running location, but had slightly more traffic and slightly taller hills than I’d anticipated. So, the running’s been miserable, and by miserable I mean mostly non-existant.

I had a great weekend at home – finished a home-improvement project I’ve been studiously putting off for a while, and had quality time with the boys. But, amazingly, I managed to blow off running.

Missy and I even had a little tussle about that. I’d mentioned that I was thinking about running on Sunday morning before church. I even went so far as to set an alarm and make sure my shoes were in the bag. But, ultimately, I woke up in the night to pee, turned off my alarm, and slept until the boys bounced on me. She was a bit cheesed, as she’d been planning on heading to the Y if I hadn’t run.

So, the takeaway is that I need to do what I say I’m going to do. Take a page from the wife, and stick to a plan.

7 months until OKC. 20 mile base is established. Now the training begins.