Speed Work

Wow – running fast is fun.

So, I’m probably going to go with the “Run Less, Run Faster” school for the OKC Marathon in April. (Against the advice of some). My initial observation on reading the book is that it’s not really a lesser time commitment – the plan relies on three structured runs (speed work, tempo, and long run) two intense cross training days a week, and a easy run/cross-train day. The running mileage is down, but the time really isn’t.

So, tonite I headed over to the track to do some speedwork. Warmed up with a mile from the gym to the track, and did 4×800 repeats, with about a quarter mile of jog/walk between each of the repeats. Repeat splits were 3:44/3:54/3:50/3:39. I walked between the second/third and third/fourth repeats, and jogged/ran the mile back to the gym after the last.

And it felt good. I completely need to recalibrate my Nike+ – it gave me an average pace of 7:33 for the evening, which is Boooooo-gus, based on the 800 splits I recorded.

But, still – running fast is fun.

4 thoughts on “Speed Work”

  1. It’s less running in terms of days, but definitely more in terms of intensity. But you’re right, it feels good.

  2. I need to figure out a training schedule. Where’d you find yours. I was figuring on ramping up the long runs and keeping the regular weekly, with some tempo mixed in. Oh and I need to find a hill for some hill work.

  3. Hey Billy –
    I am also happy I found you.
    Reading your blog is great, it gives me a new perspective on where I might be “running-wise” one day ;o)
    Keep up the great work!

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