Flu Mist

So, I hadn’t thought about it much, but there’s a pun up there.

And, yeah, it’s been way too long since I’ve posted. I owe Jeff a meme, Mark an article, and a slew of congratulations to David, Danny, and everyone else who’s done marathons.

So, let’s take this in reverse chronological order:

This weekend: Missy and I took place in the 5.5 mile tribute run on Friday. Neither of us really follow the marathon scene, but the idea of a guy literally running his heart out is moving. So, while I took the kids to swimming, Missy ran to the Y, and then I ran home. Did the 5.5 for Ryan and another 4.5 for myself. Life is good.

Sunday night was an aborted camping trip – Jake and I headed out to the woods, had supper, and started sleeping. Turns out he’s a really light sleeper, and I mistook that for being on the verge of hypothermia, so we hiked out at one in the morning, in the dark. Which ended up being extremely cool in its own way. When we got home, we snuck into the guest room downstairs and pulled the door shut behind us. Missy and Nate didn’t realize we were in until we walked out after they were eating breakfast. The extra sleep was nice.

I had a great run while on travel last week, but am having trouble getting in runs during the week. I started riding a van-pool, which rocks for giving me an extra two hours in each day to do whatever the heck it is I want, but giving up flexibility is tough. I can’t delay leaving for work, and even though I’m consistently getting home earlier than I did before, I feel obliged to spend the time saved with the wife and kids, as I’m essentially getting personal productive time while I’m on the van (Such as time to catch up on my RSS feeds and eventually to blog on a regular basis).

So, schedule is going to be in flux. Plus, there’s cool stuff coming up at the end of this month that is really going to throw everything to the breeze.

Two weekends ago was a bust. The remnants of a hurricane blew through, marking the first nor’easter of the year. Plus, I had drill, which pretty much kills weekends. The flu mist completely killed me – on Saturday night I was asleep by 8, even before my oldest kid hit the hay. Sunday wasn’t much better, ’cause I was dreading heading to the 8th day of work in a row…

So, that’s pretty much it. Overall, I’ve got nothing to complain about. Once I get logistics worked out, the van is going to be a godsend – keeping me on a regular schedule. But for the time being, there are kinks to work out.