Oh, I’ve been running all right

We did the turkey trot again.

Though something was WAY off this year.

(As an aside, can I say that the commercial that’s running on ESPN for RockBand – the sequel to GuitarHero – has me stoked, even though I’ll never, ever, get an XBox. There’s this bus, running through the desert, with guys doing some song on top of it. Man, for the days when rock and/or roll was dangerous).

The something that was way off was the weather. Instead of frigid and wet, it was dry and warm. To the point that the folks who did the “dip” part of the Turkey Trot and Dip actually played in the river instead of immediately running for the heater.

Race was good. Jake made the entire mile, and Nate got out of the stroller and made it over the hill in the Y-Parking lot and all the way to the finish line. Missy rocked the 3 miler.

We got our number drawn during the post-race raffle. Missy grabbed the good bottle of wine, but Nate decided we REALLY needed a YMCA bag for the boys to use for swimming lessons. So, we’ve got a good bag, and Missy and I are paying for our next date.

I ran home from the Y. It should have been phenomenal, ‘cept I took a wrong turn, and what was supposed to be 7 miles turned into 10 miles, mostly uphill.

The upside? I made it over the Old Mystic hill, and showed I’ve got more in the tank than I thought I had.

The downside? 174 before I got on the plane this morning…

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