Underway, almost home

So, my general theory about the reserves has held true for yet another year. The theory being that the old reserve chestnut about “two days a month, two weeks a year” breaks down as follows: The “Two Days” a month, or drill weekend, is pretty painless, other than giving up a weekend each month. Which, I suppose I could do for Habitat for Humanity or something if I weren’t a reservist.

The Two weeks a year, or the “Annual Training” part of being a Reservist: I’ve had the pleasure of doing the majority of my AT’s actually going to sea on actual Navy ships. The first week is awesome – all of that first year of excitement – haze grey and underway, nothing but the devil and the deep blue sea. Then, there’s the remembrance, sometime around day 7 or 10 (Day 9 this year for me), of all the little reasons why I resigned from Active Duty in the first place. And soon enough – I’m back on dry land, and there’s another 50 weeks or so until I do it again.