Late Summer

So, I’m trying out a new thought as far as blogging goes. A PowerBook180 – RAM measured in K and hard drive measured in MBs – has fallen into my use. So, I’ve got a platform on which I can, well, just WRITE. The only question that I have is one of how to move files off of the platform. The only easily accessible storage is good old fashioned 3.5″ floppy disks, which are “MAC” formatted. Very interested to see if they come off.

Although, I suppose I could find an ancient dot-matrix printer to plug into the serial port… Wow, that would be a cool, cool thing to do, wouldn’t it?

Running been berry, berry good to me lately. Saturday’s long run was both wonderful and miserable at the same time. I started off with about 4 miles of hills, and then headed down to River Road (have I posted pictures recently? I’m still stunned by how sweet of a ride it is) for a quick loop to finish off the 12 on the schedule.

I was a bit bushed – I’d run Thursday and Friday, as I’d missed my run on Wednesday and wanted to make it up – but I ended up gutting it out. The initial bit (before the obligatory stop at the coffee shop for hydration) was 9 consecutive miles, which is the longest I’d run without stopping in a good, long while.

At the coffee shop, I ran into my pastor and a bunch of his cycling buddies. Kind of cool to see people you know in a new and different setting. A little bit of hydration and glucose later, and I was on my way back home.

The last three miles up River Road were at once the best three miles of my life and the worst. There was an odd combination of feeling good and not so good while I ran – extremely tough to explain, but I wanted to curl up in the green grass on the side of the road and keep running forever all at the same time.

Cannot wait for New Haven. I think I’m ready this year.

3 thoughts on “Late Summer”

  1. i think i felt that “hate/love my activity” thing at swim yesterday. 9 miles with out stopping is great.

    RAM still in K’s, wow, can you expand the memory? a dot matrix would be cool too, with the continuous feed paper. i don’t know much about macs.

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