Two posts in September

Man, it’s been a good month. New Haven, of course, was 6 hours of perfection, encapsulating everything that makes New England summer enough to get through winter.

Then, and I’m terribly, terribly lax – I spent the better part of 4 great days in Ottawa. Got to run with Warren again. Scratch that – we’d biked together before, so we got to run together for the first time. There were talks of other runners and life, and I got a great tour of a town which I am sure is now buried in snow, not to emerge until spring. Canada rocks.

Other than that , training for San antonio is going well, mostly because I’m actually doing it. Funny how that works.

If I can digress for a moment. Of course I can. What I should have said was “let me digress for a moment.”

I’ve begun to realize that I’m one of those folks whose mind perceives life as a series of stories. (merlin Mann did a great series on “the wire” on his blog if you’re interested) Now that running has become a regular part of my life, the arc is incorporated into the mundane.

Which isn’t to say that I won’t be running – on the contrary, it’s now something akin to sleeping or breathing.

But it is offered as a bit of explaination as to why posting here will be kind of light until I figure out where the next narrative will go.

In the mean time, I’ve got some wonderful threads going on elsewhere -work is increasingly interesting; I started the night program at the War College; Jake is having a blast in soccer and Nate stuns me daily; and I’m increasingly involved at church.

I’m still around – if anyone out there passes through New England, drop me a line and we’ll see if we can mesh schedules to go sweat. Or have beer.

Life is good. I cannot wait for the story to follow.

4 thoughts on “Two posts in September”

  1. I totally hear you with regard to a sport becoming such an integral part of life. That’s how biking is with me, and why there’s been a resultant drop off of ride reports on my blog. Sure, I’m still tracking stuff in a journal and with the Garmin, but I find that I want to say something substantive when I write – and for the most part, my rides are just there.

    I will be in New England over Columbus Day weekend, but it’s somewhat jam-packed. I’ll be riding the Great River Ride on the 12th, which should be a fun ending to the “big bike events” of 2008. I’m already itching to ski – where’s the snow already? ;)

  2. i know exactly what you mean about the posts on running, i’ve been feeling the same way myself. running is now a habit. I feel like “i’m there” and no more good fodder for posts. I have to move on to a new project – i haven’t figured that part out yet.
    my girl is running and maybe i’ll be her coach.

  3. @Rudi – Substantive is far from where I want to be. Enjoy the ride. That’s our anniversary weekend, otherwise…

    @deene – Kids are phenomenal projects. One of the things that’s competing with the blog is Jake’s soccer. I’d blog about it, but kind of think I owe him some privacy. Though we did watch Bill Cosby “Himself” the other day, and I’m gawdawful tempted to lash out with “We brought you into this world, we can take you out” sometimes.

    @amazinghip – where? is it the one in new hampshire? but yeah, sure, whatever – i’m in. want me to pick you up in providence or boston on the way up? Warren?

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