Benefits of running

So, once in a while, there’s just something completely out of the blue that’s nice about being a runner. For Missy and me today, that was not having to worry about transportation when we had to drop the car off at the shop for a periodic tune-up.

Here’s how it went down:

– Fridays are commuter van days. So, I took Melissa’s car (the one that’s up to date on maintenance) to the commuter lot.

– Melissa got Jake off to school, dropped Nate off at preschool, and took my car to the VW shop.

– From the VW shop, Missy did the 4 mile run (Uphill) to the commuter lot to grab her car.

– After the boys were done with school, and my car was all sorts of good again, Missy went and picked it up at the VW shop, leaving her car in the employee lot there.

– After a full day’s work, I left my stuff in the commuter van and ran the 4 miles (downhill) to the dealership’s employee lot (the shop was closed when the van gets back to the lot).

– Picked up Melissa’s car, drove back to the commuter lot, got my satchel out of the vanpool, and headed home to my astounding children and lovely wife, who made a bit of taco salad tonite.

– Played with my new helicopter for a while

– Headed down to the Dutch Tavern in New London for a beer or two, while struggling to remember which plays Eugene O’Neil had written (Long Day’s Journey into Night and Mourning Becomes Electra for the record. I’ve acted in neither).

Anyways, none of this would have been easy without running. We would have had to inconvinience someone. Instead, we both got in the day’s workout, saved some gas, and got even more smug satisfaction than we could from driving Priusii.

Linger on, folks.

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