On the verge of being sick today

So the question is, will I run or won’t I?

Saturday was the Physical readiness test (PRT) – I rocked it (relatively). 10:23 for the 1.5 mile run, which is about 40 seconds faster than in the spring. More situps and pushups, too.

Afterwards, though, I out to do the 6 miles I had left on the training schedule (mile from the gym to the track, 1.5 miles on the track, and 6). THe first 3 were good, but the last three were the most painful I’ve done in a long while. But, I gutted them out.

Sunday morning, it became clear why I’d been hurting so much – the mucus in my nose and the itch in my throat were clearly a gift from my two little disease vectors, and the disease pools that are their schools. Bundles of joy, my a$$ – they’re little ponds of microorganisms.

It hasn’t developed past a cold, so I think I’m good to go to run today, but I’ll probably knock 15 or 20 minutes off of the 60 minutes I’m supposed to do today.