More Sydney

I’ll start by recommending a trip to Australia with one caveat – it’s a long, long way to get down under. Man, am I dreading the flight back to the states. Like really, really fully considering just not going back to avoid another 14 hours in the air. I’ll probably go, ’cause I get to go back in time (will leave at 2pm Friday and arrive LAX at 7am Friday), and I’ve always wanted to be Marty McFly.

Anyway, the running is astounding. Weather is perfect, and there’s a great network of parks around the city, so you’re not fighting traffic all the time.

Plus, fellas (and ladies, now that i’m thinking about it) the “scenery” is outstanding. Australians apparently like walking and running, and I haven’t even been over to Bondi Beach yet. As a round, red-faced Yank, I stick out like a sore thumb.

Other stuff: there’s a monorail running through the tourist and shopping sections of downtown. Which means I cannot help but feel that North Haverbrook’s problems must have been caused by all of the monorail engineers defecting to Sydney.

Paddy’s Market rocks. All the kitsch and crap you could want at low prices. I’m trying to resist buying the stuffed cat.

Asian influence. Assuming the US doesn’t go Spanish in the next 20 years, there’s a good chance that, just like in any good cyberpunk story, there are going to be a surplus of ramen, Korean BBQ, and sushi stores lining our streets, just like here. Hopefully, we’ll get decent pubs, too.

Available mass transit rocks.

Conference was good. Learned lots.