Cooooold Runnings, and an eh swim

Sunday was the first cold, cold, cold day I’ve run outside. I’d say it was a mistake, ‘cept it was a run, I didn’t get injured, so how could it be bad?

Ran from the house in the afternoon in a vain hope that I’d catch warmer weather. Wrong-o. I was layered well on my torso, arms, and legs, and had good gloves. But I wasn’t prepared for how cold the wind on my face was. Next time, I’ll bring my fleece muffler.

Other than the chill, Sunday’s run was good. I hit the monster steep hill about a mile from my house, and had my first “gut check” in a while. Every fiber in my abs was screaming “Just walk it” for a bit, but I grunted and banged up it, then went slow till I caught my breath. Not so bad. Mile 1 – 9:10. Miles 2 and 3 were better. I turned to run with the wind, got back some feeling in my cheeks, and did both of them in about 8:30. Got to love the negative split, especially when it’s set up by running the first half uphill!

Hit the Y this morning to swim. Don’t know if I was still winded or what, but the swim did not feel right at all. Whatever rhythm I may have found last time left, and I was feeling rough. Ah, well. 30 laps, .75 miles.

For the year, I completed week 2 of the training program with no hiccups. One more week and it’s a habit!

Mileage last week: 13.4 running, 1 swimming.
YTD totals: 25.7 running, 2.5 swimming (including today), 28.3 total, 971.7 to go