Unabashed plug

April Anne’s jumped on the same Google bandwagon as I have – Blogger is offering a Google powered search bar in place of the advertisements on blogspot hosted sites.

I’m hosting myself, but wanted to add the search functionality without having to code it myself (’cause I can’t).

The “Blog This” button rocks, too. I’m only wishing there was a Blogger/Google toolbar for either Safari or Firefox.

Check out Chris’s Sunday Run

I’ve been making a concerted effort to get my butt out of bed earlier to support working out. It’s the least I can do to make sure that I get home from work at a reasonable hour so that my lovely wife gets some personal time in the evenings. But this weekend was a bust, what with fallout from the hurricanes socking New England in rain from Friday through today.

Chris from Mass (as opposed to my running buddy Christian) was a) out of bed before 5 AM, and b) on an epic run through the woods of Massachusetts Sunday morning while I was dreaming I wasn’t such a slug.

I startled deer all over the place, one of which was just beautiful to behold. I saw red-tailed hawks slowly beating their path away from me. I actually felt bad, because I doubt he really wanted to move in all this rain. I heard a weird swamp noise that sounded like a woman screaming and then being drowned. It was eerie, but when I heard it twice, I figured some animal had a wicked defense system. Would’ve kept ME away.

Good on him.