How many times you going to hit it?

Well, twice in 12 hours, give or take.

I worked late last night, and went for a run after working hours. Did the base perimiter again, and was having a really good go of it until I started getting cramps in my abs. Guess I must have been dehydrated. Didn’t think so (I’d done the bathroom check before I left), and there is no way in heck that I don’t get enough electrolytes in my diet, so water’s about the only thing left. But despite the cramps, I’d put it down as a really good run; I ran some intervals before I cramped, and only had about 1/2 mile left to go after, which I was able to half walk/half run.

This morning I went down to Beavertail State Park on the south end of Jamestown. Did a 5K, and set a pretty decent standard to improve from: 25:11. I’ve got a new toy; will review once I’ve got more experience with it, but I’ve been dying to quantify my running. Mile splits were 7:45/8:15/8:45, which confirmed what I’ve known for a long while – that I start off way, way too fast. I blame Galloway and his darned RPE (Tried to google it; wasn’t able to find what I was looking for, but I did find a 100 page PDF of running references. This was the closest I could find to what I wanted. Though I’d always thought it was a 10 point scale; I kind of like the add a 0 to get equiv. heart rate)