Monday (and weigh-in)

184. Which is negative progress. In my defense, I can feel that my clothes are looser. The time to actually count calories may be here. At least after I head to the snack machine (to close to reality to be true)…

Truthfully, though, I’m getting close to wrapping up major work on a couple of pretty involved projects here at the office. I can’t say that the stress level will go WAY down, but it should relax at least a little bit. To be honest, I eat as a little bit of a defense mechanism, but it’s also in an effort to keep the brain fueled with carbs. When I’m on annual training in the next couple of weeks, I’m going to try to cut way back on snacking and caffeine.

Ran the Newport Navy Base again this morning. Started strong, but felt really empty at the end. Kind of hard to describe; but I just wasn’t breathing right. My first guess is that I was a little dehydrated. Sigh. Need more water in the evenings, I guess.

Christian is standing me up tomorrow morning. Bum. I suppose that means I’ll bike, since I ran today.