Just Wow.

Would that I had about 2 hours this evening to wax poetic about cycles – revolutions of wheels, changes of seasons, circuits of pedals, and loops of road.

I was running late this afternoon, and nearly decided to blow off today’s ride. But, as days are growing really short, I made myself do it, figuring that my wife’d understand.

And I was happy. It wasn’t an epic, just 10 miles in 38 minutes (bike odo, not Forerunner), but it was beautiful. Good stiff wind out of the south, so I parked at the fort on Jamestown and rode out to Beavertail, into the wind the whole out. Tailwind the way back (Woo Hoo! I did it right for once!), and life felt good.

There was one sketchy bit, though: As I came over the crest of the first decent hill, the road went all to heck. Apparently, they (whoever “they” are) are re-finishing the road, since it looked like someone had just dug up the crappy (and it was crappy) asphalt that was there and left gravel in its place. Upon closer inspection (translation – once I’d managed to slow down without resorting to picking up gravel with my elbows and knees), there was definately a layer of tar under the gravel. I really hope that the DoT is planning on putting down a smooth layer of asphalt on top of it, rather than using the dreaded “chip seal”. But, I made it through OK.

Highlight was 36.5 MPH on the way down a hill.

Happy fall, y’all.