Recovery Day


No seriously, I woke up this morning kind of sore and a little discouraged. Decided to blow off running and “rest” today.

Not such a bad day at work; I picked up a task I hadn’t anticipated, had a good conversation with a partner who’s working on a project with me, and was wrapped up a little earlier than I’d anticipated. Plus, I was feeling pretty good in legs, so I decided to go out for a “recovery” run, then take a sauna on my way home.

Three miles, 25:43, 8:33 pace.

As a recovery run. I really, really tried not to breath too hard, tried not to push.

And cranked out three miles at almost a 8 and a half minute pace.

Wow. This training stuff must actually kind of work. Mile splits – 8:23/8:45/8/30. Did I mention that it felt like I was taking it really easy?

Sorry for gloating, but all the talk of Hartford in the CT arm of the RBF has me seriously thinking about next season. Heck, I’m thinking about next week – there’s a 5K Friday afternoon. Good luck to everyone marathoning this weekend, and thanks for the inspiration and accountability.