Running with the Big Dogs

I’ve picked up a new client who runs. As in actually RUNS, as opposed to jogging, like I do. I went out with he and his boss a couple of weeks ago, and was reduced to a blubbering pile of protoplasm. Today, he said, was their easy day, so I joined Joe, Frank, and another co-worker, figuring I could at least “hang” on the easy day. I did, but “easy” isn’t what I would have called it. (‘Specially not after the 7 miler yesterday).

Mile 1/8:51 (Actually, it was about 1.1 miles) – Out the gate, up the hill, and through the gate onto the Navy base. Feeling good. Joe and I dropped Frank and the other guy – I didn’t mean to, but we were shooting the breeze, and I felt good. Mile 2/7:48 – One decent hill here, but I was still feeling good. I fell behind while we were heading up the hill, but managed to catch Joe on the downhill (OK, he slowed up, but sue me). Halfway point .34 miles in 2:52. I’m hurting, but Joe and I are a couple minutes in front of Frank and the other guy. We wait, I catch my breath, and realize that the way home is going to suck.

Mile 3/8:46 – Frank and Joe take it easy, talk a little business. I talk with the other guy for a while, and it’s kind of nice. Same hill as in mile 2, but this time, we go up the steeper side and have a while to recover on the way down. Pretty nice overall. Mile 4/8:55 – Up the same hill that kicked my butt on Friday. Not quite as steep an approach, but I don’t know that less steep makes it any less painful. The guy I’m running with is a great partner – picks up easy to discuss threads and asks great questions. I’m a complete and total narcissist compared to him. Last lap – 0.21 miles in 1:40, 7:57 pace – Downhill, begging myself not to puke before we get to the gate. I don’t.

We did 4.65 miles in 38:54, an average of 8:23. The Forerunner didn’t gain signal for about a tenth of a mile, so the first mile time is slow. I’ll keep it as a great run, especially for what should have been a recovery day. Christian and I will have to really take it easy tomorrow.