So, ever been shopping at Amazon and needed just a couple of bucks to hit that magic $25 mark to get free shipping? So, instead of ponying up the $5 for shipping, you added $15 of stuff that you really didn’t want?

Well, FillerItem is what you need – type in the amount you need to add to the cart, and it’ll give you a page of suggestions of how to fill the gap. Rocks.

I was picking up Pastis’ latest and a little something else, and needed like $3 to hit the mark. Dropped it into FillerPage, and it suggested a ton of stuff. I almost went with “Antigone”, ’till I realized I could plug that into Google Books or Project Gutenberg and download it – figure that after 3,000 years, even the Disney Estate would let it fall into the Public Domain.

Run, Run, Run, Run, Run

Get Thee Behind Me Slacker!

New month, new fiscal year, and a new outlook on life. I’m still behind on reading the current efficiency bible, Getting Things Done, but I think I’m beginning to get the picture – Zero Inbox means “Do It Now”. (And yes, Mark, this does apply to my column on CRN).

Ran Saturday – tough, tough run for reasons which I’d rather forget. Ran Sunday – the great “back home from Family Swim” run, on a day where our pastor had been firing on all cylinders, the clouds had broken and the sun seemed to shine with the clarity that can only be found after ritual cleansing.

Today, Jake had a soccer game. I was late, as always, but not tragically so, and after the game, Jake and I stuck around and kicked the ball until it was dark. The boy’s not much of a natural athlete, but then neither was I. But something seemed to click with him tonight – he started to get the whole idea of continuing to move with the ball instead of kick – run – stop – kick. And he also started to see how it’s more key to stay between the ball and the goal than it is to run straight up to the ball and try to take it away. Awesome.

But it was fun. One of the other kids on the team played with us for a while. 7 years old and he was close to being able to beat me. Amazing what a difference a year makes in being able to handle the ball and see the field. Really, really made me want to coach again.

Oh, and the last bit – November is National Novel Writing Month. My profile is here; you can track the excitement over at my Sandbox, where i plan on posting the whole shooting match.

Now, what can I drop 50K words on???