Goin’ to the Dog Park!

Stopped by the Copp Family park on the way home from drill on Sunday to kick out the 2.5 miles I needed to make 20 on the Nike+iPod record for the week. Total mileage for the week was already over 20, thanks to a wonderful run with my lovely wife on New Year’s Day, but I’m dedicated to becoming a slave to corporate fitness, and haven’t been able to figure out how to hack miles back into the system…

Anyway, the run was fabulous – I could feel the successful week in my legs, a tiredness that I haven’t felt in a while. I went back through my logs, and I’m set to pass both my October and September running totals by the end of this week, barring losing the bubble completely.

Oh, and there’s an interesting message at the NikePlus website –

Due to increased traffic (we’re happy to see you are taking your New Year’s resolutions seriously!), we needed to temporarily shut down certain areas of the nikeplus site in order to make some changes and stabilize the platform for you. The site messages what areas are impacted. We apologize for the inconvenience but can assure you that your workout data is safe. So go for a run and revisit us shortly!

I can only hope it’s true! Wave to the new runners, everyone, flash them a smile, and encourage them to keep it up!

Keep in the spirit of the article Susie linked to – motivate by the positive, instead of using fear of fat/death/whatever…