Weekly Update

Hey, so I haven’t been writing much lately.

But I have been running – how great is that?

As of yesterday, I’m sitting at like 64 miles for the month on Nike+, which means upwards of 68 miles running total – completely within the range of hitting 80+ miles for the month.

The legs are feeling good, and I’ve been doing calisthenics again – got the pullup bar, and situps. Still cannot bring myself to do pushups regularly. Dunno why, guess I need Marines shouting at me to truly get me motivated to push the earth off its axis.

It’s way cold up here today. I kind of blew it this week – there were two or three GREAT, sunny, and warm(ish) days this week, but I sat on the treadmill. Shame, shame – sure, but I’m all about getting in the habit of getting in the daily run – we’ll worry about quality later in the year.

The garage is my next big project – the basement is clean, the workshop is in order, and if I can get the garage under control, things areĀ  very, very good.