Minor win

OK, so Nike+ told me to run four times this week. Two down, two days of weekend to go. I’m not going to declare success on that yet, though the two runs I did do were pretty satisfying. Legs felt good, mileage is where it should be, ankle hasn’t felt blown out since.

The minor win I’ll take this week is that I’m 5/7 since last weekend on at least logging breakfast, lunch, and snack meals, including two days where I even logged through supper. Most of those days I was near my target calorie deficit to put me near one pound/week loss; which was OK. Yesterday, we stopped for beers and nachos after work, but I kinda skimped on supper, though I did get a small cheeseburger with #2 kid on his way back from track.

So, not a perfect week eating, but the goal of getting tracking going was accomplished, and I’m on track for being reliable with exercise. I’ll take a narrow win, declare victory. Tea and medals to follow.