Great Friday, So-So-Saturday, and Sunday

Friday was good. Good run about 1; beautiful spring day. Did the Navy Base 5.2 miler in 44 minutes. Not cooking but good.

As I was wrapping up work, I realized that I hadn’t broken out the bike all March. Luckily, it’s been riding in the back of my car all week. So, I squeezed in a quick couple of miles on Jamestown. Feel better about it after running it through the Gmap Pedometer – the odo on the bike told me it was just over 8 miles; the map is saying 8.57. I’m lovin’ that, ’cause it bumps my average speed up over 16 MPH.

What a day.

Saturday was the Physical Readiness Test. Did better than last time by busting out 70 situps and 50 pushups. The mile and a half – completely different story.

I’ve been fighting a cold for the better part of a week, courtesy of the Groton Public School Systems (though it should be noted that the parochial pre-school we sent Jake to was just as fetid a pool of disease). Saturday morning, I knew it wasn’t going to be a good day.

As we finished the calisthenics, the next omen rolls in: What had been a beautiful spring day is sullied by grey, light rain, and a powerful breeze out of the south. Making things better, the run finishes with three quarters of a mile into the wind.

Started out pretty good. I was hanging with the fastest five or six runners for the first quarter mile. Then, one of the really tall guys just kind of stretches out his stride, and opens up about 30′ on us without breathing hard. The other three really fast guys opened up, too. Me and Mac, the guy who did the epic 19 miler with me back in October, keep legging it out together, past the turn.

After the turn, I initially opened up a little on Mac. But, into the wind, the cold, the snot, and the wind all worked against me. Effort was pegged, and extreme discomfort began to play a role. With about a third of a mile behind me, I heard Mac’s footsteps pounding behind me. That broke me.

It hit me that there was no way I’d be able to hold him off until the finish. I was spent. Dead on my feet. Enough juice to make the end, but not enough to pick it up and finish strong. So, I pulled up, Mac blew past, and I cruised into the finish. 10:22 for the 1.5 miles.

The time – not so shabby; I’m pretty much happy with anything under 11. But, man, was that a sucky run. Not because of the run, but because of the cold. I’d have broken 10 if I felt good.

Sunday – felt like crap. Completely muffed up ripping the sermon. Didn’t run. Didn’t bike. Didn’t get a nap. Went to bed early.

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