More fog

Well, maybe just mist.

Thunderstorms rolled through New England last night. I’ve always loved big storms, the smell of ozone in the air as they roll in, and the sudden drop in temperature while big raindrops are falling close to home. We heard the thunder start while we were finishing supper, and Jake and I went outside to make sure we had the yard cleaned up. He was throwing toys into his box, and I was throwing down grass seed on newly raked and weeded soil. Dunno if it’s going to take, but we’ll see.

This morning was Weigh-In Monday: 185 lbs, strangely unchanged from 1 January. I’m feeling better as I run, but haven’t started to see any changes around the waist yet. Still about 30 lbs to go to my “ideal” BMI. BTW, I haven’t been down to my “ideal” since I hit 140 after 13 weeks of being chased around Pensacola by the United States Marine Corps a decade ago.

This morning’s run felt good. I’ve gone back to using a heart rate monitor (Nashbar’s cheap one), mostly to prevent overexertion. I dunno that “preventing overexertion” is the track I should be taking (see above comment on essentially stagnant weight loss since 1 January), but I’m willing to try. My other initiative this week is to start keeping track of what I eat, and then trying to do an energy balance. If goesouts is greater than goesins, the pounds ought to start falling off. The difficulty is in tracking what I huff down accurately.

I went ahead and extended this morning. 35 minutes, my guess is about 3.75 miles, all the way around most of the base perimiter. Didn’t get attacked by geese this time, but saw tons of goslings again. Not so many seagulls though; could the resident Canadas be pushing the gulls out of prime habitat?

Like I said, the run was good. I’m gradually stretching back into the zone in which I get the huge runner’s high; hopefully it will start working backwards, and I’ll get the high earlier in the day’s run.