BTW – The “small dog” syndrome bit this morning. Again, I’m inbound to the gym for triple S (Shower and shave are two of the S’s; you figure out the other) when I see a woman abotu 50 yards ahead, probably headed to the gym, too.

I’m tired, but suddenly, something kicks in and I have to pass her.

So I ring up a higher bell, grunt, and start pounding the pavement. It hurts, but I’m functioning on an animal level now, so pain becomes not an issue. Pretty quickly I pass her. More quickly, in fact, than I’d intended on. I’ve spent more than I thought, and quickly worry that I’ve dug myself into an energy hole from which I will not emerge.

Enter vanity, stage right. I’ve passed this woman, there is no way I can stop to walk and catch my breath, since she’d pass me, and I’d look like a jerk for flying past her. So I leg it out, and have recovered by the time I hit the bridge to go back to the island and the Gym. I’m feeling so fine, I go ahead and stretch out for the last bit.

Sometimes life becomes extremely good for no apparent reason…

Looks like there’s a fair number of other running blogs out there. Such as this one.

The downside of reading other runner’s blogs is that my “lust list” grows to include stuff like this.