Week Off / subtitle: rainbows, cupcakes, and warm kitties

First, huge thanks to Chris, whose “Look inside a little, I think. You’re really on yourself lately. Why?” comment last week kind of cracked open something I’ve been sitting on at work for a while. Completely unrelated to running, but it’s far closer to being done. What remains to be seen is if I’ll take the time to breathe after that stone’s lifted from my chest, or if I’ll grunt out another “More Weight” like Giles Corey.

Second – Hmm, key to weight loss may completely be calories. I’ve been working my tail off last week, eating only three squares a day, and I’m down about 4 lbs. I’m blowing that this weekend – stopped by Target on the way in to pick up snacks yesterday, but think I’ll end up net loss from last week.

Third – This does not, by any means, mean that training is derailed. Matter of fact, I’m chomping at the freakin’ bit. But I had a choice to make this week between family and fitness, and decided to pick family. It was the right choice – Jake started t-ball (baseball without pitching) last week, and I was able to make his practice and game; I made it to the church’s spring clean-up, and I’ve tucked the boys in every night this week except one. Plus, I’ve been averaging 7 hours of sleep, which is a net gain (and could have something to do with the weight loss, too…)

Fourth – The major effort at work ends tonite. I’ll still be REALLY busy for another couple of weeks, but should be able to fit in family and fitness in addition to working for the Man.

Goals for the next week –
1. Catch up on y’all’s posting. Tomorrow night, most likely, after the wife and I catch up on “Desparate Housewives”.
2. Move to WordPress, probably Wednesday. No later than Saturday.
3. Rough Schedule:
Monday – Bike – maybe 20 miler on Jamestown before work?
Tuesday – Run 5, LSD
Wed – Run 5, Intervals
Thu – Run 5, try to hit sub-8’s on each mile
Fri – Swim
Sat – Run 5 (Drill)
Sunday – Ride an hour or 20 miles, whichever is longer (my bet is 20 miles in about 75 minutes)