Bluebird of Happiness

Wasn’t with me on the run today, that’s for sure. 5.2 miles on a windy, windy, sunny day in the 50’s. Out was into the wind and chilly, back was tired, with the wind, and about perfect (aside from the tired). Think I was a little dehydrated – funny how a week off makes you forget about little things like pounding water in the mornings before a lunchtime run. But I made it. I didn’t have to walk any of the hills, but I did take about a minute’s walk break after I crested the long, shallow hill heading up behind the NAPS (Naval Academy Prep School) building. The toughest part after the week off was in not being stretched out enough.

But tomorrow will be better.

I see light at the top of the work hole I’ve dug, which is all good. Took last night off for some canoodling on the couch, and made t-ball practice today. So much fun – it was just the coach and his two kids, and one other girl who’s mom was playing on the playground with her younger kid. So Nate and I played backstop on the basepath, two kids stood on either side of the pitcher’s mound, one kid played first base (t-ball defensive strategy consists of “Catch the ball and throw it to first … Hey, stop looking at the ants!”) while the fourth kid would hit (t-ball offensive strategy – “Hit the ball, drop the bat, and run as fast as you can to first base … No, keep running, don’t stop to look at the ants!”).

Nate (1 year old) thought it was the coolest thing to shuffle along in the base path and occasionally stop to pick up dirt clods. A couple of times he’d imitate the big kids by looking towards home and squatting down, the laughing hysterically. Either that, or he was pooping – when I picked him up to go home, he was stinky.

Good times, good times. My only prayer is that it stays fun for Jake until he decides if he wants to play or not on his own.

OK, back to writing electronic courseware.