Quickly, now

Monday – 30 minutes on the rollers in the basement while I watched “Arrested Development” and the beginning of “Kitchen Confidential”. Did the KC show mostly ’cause my roller-fu doesn’t include taking the hands off the bars to grab the remote (yet). 8.3 miles. Heh. The rollers were kind of fun that way – how far, exactly, can I go in 30 minutes? Kind of a free-form expression, yet framed. Beauty.

Tuesday – I started to get cocky, since I hadn’t felt any ill effects from Saturday’s flu shot. Which was odd, since usually flu shots put me out of commission for nigh unto two days. The day after’s usually the worst. Anyway, Tuesday, and I’m feeling goooood, and I’m starting to assume that I’m not going to feel like a horse’s rump.

Yeah, I was wrong. Went to the Y to swim after the boys were asleep. Managed to get out 750 yards, none of it particularly good before I had to get out of the pool. Just felt wasted.

Wed – felt just kind of blah all day, and it was cold and windy, so I didn’t run. Could have, but just didn’t want to bother.

I’m feeling better today, but don’t want to push it. Might go swim tonite if I feel at all decent. The good news? I’m watching the kids this afternoon, so it’s only a half day at work. Plus, it’s the afternoon, so I get a nap with Nate. Yippie!

(Other goal today? Catch up on everyone else’s blogs. Sorry).

More snow tomorrow!