Wednesdays have been my nemesis the last two weeks. Got off to great starts both times, then got waylaid on humpday.

Not this week. (Or so I say on Sunday…)

Took the boys to Bluff Point today. Nate rode on my shoulders, Jake rode his bike (no training wheels!) It was great, if a bit brisk. In hindsight, I should have taken the jogging stroller and put in a quick two miles. But, it was Jake’s first trip on the trails, and I wasn’t sure how well he’d do.

He did fine.

That’s about it. Missy’s mom gets in right after work on Tuesday. May have to take her to Legal Seafood near the Providence Airport to kick things off right. Well, if her flight’s delayed at all – if it’s on time, we should be able to make supper back home. Last Christmas, she and my sister-in-law spent Christmas Eve in Cleveland, tied up in a snowstorm. THis year, she’s all about preventing that – hence arriving a week ahead of time.