Best Run Ever 3.0 and back to Earth

Sorry – work’s been a ton of fun, t-ball is a riot, I had a whole year’s worth of GMT (Gross Misuse of Time/General Military Training) to do prior to drill, and I’m awful fond of sleeping…

Tuesday, I had yet another run for the ages. Parked at Fort Wetherill on the way home, strapped on the sneaks, and hit the road. Just over 5 miles, and they flew past. The tunes were good, the weather was beautiful, and the miles were good. 5.1 miles in 43 odd minutes.
After the run, I walked down the boat ramp and waded into the water. It wasn’t nearly as cold as I’d feared, and I thought about taking an actual swim. But, there were a bunch of jellyfish in the water, so I didn’t. I don’t think they’re stinging, so I should have.

Skipped Wednesday. Thursday, I headed out from the office a bit after 5, intending to do about 5 miles on the Navy Base. Went through the gate about 5:10, and realized that they closed it down about 5:30. Crap. So, I pushed until 5:20, made it back to the gate at 5:30 before it closed. After I was back on the side of the fence with my car, I tried to slow down a bit, but man – I was bushed. Called it quits, even though I was only at a bit less than 26 minutes. Was shocked when I plotted it into gmaps pedometer and found it was 3.6 miles – can’t think of the last time I did 7 minute miles.

So, here’s wishing everyone a great weekend!