Monday Swim

So, I managed to avoid running all weekend – the weather in New England was borderline awful, but it didn’t stop certain members of the CT RBF from winning trophies. Which makes me a wuss, I suppose. We did have t-ball pictures and a game, but the kids were on the verge of making me nuts – should have stayed in bed…

Tonight, I headed down to the Y for a swim – hey, less than 2 weeks between trips to the pool! The swim was better this time, though I can really, really tell that I haven’t been using my arms. 1500 m in 33 minutes, 5xbreast, 4x5xfree, 5xbreast.

Still no real insights.

Actually, strike that – reading the San Diego marathon race reports kind of made me think. As much as I’ve really enjoyed racing – the camraderie, etc, and the general challenge, I think I’m calling off racing for the summer. Rather than spending a ton of time in the car on Thursdays to do Terramuggus, I’ll stop on Jamestown and do a brick. Focus on the new job. Focus on the wife and kids. Whatever.

But, I’ve proven I can go out and do a given distance. Now, I want to prove I can leave behind the belly. Next year I’ll prove I can stay fast.

Lifestyle change is what I’m really after with this fitness thing.

There’s a joke in the submarine community that ASW, or Anti-Submarine Warfare really stands for “Awfully Slow Waiting”. It’s taken me all of a decade plus to finally understand how that really applies, both professionally and personally. I’m looking forward to racing again, truly. But before I’m ready to line up again, there’s a bunch of refining, triangulating, and preparation that needs to be done physically and mentally to make sure I don’t get sunk like I did after New York.

I think I should be ready by Labor Day.

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