Questions I wish I’d asked

Sorry, one more on this experience.

I didn’t hit *1 to try to ask a question. If you check the first page of notes I posted on Flickr, you’ll see that most of the questions I wanted to ask got answered.

Of the questions I’d scrawled, the biggest one that I wish had gotten treatment was the doping issue.

The Armstrong/Dick Pound exchanges have been fascinating, especially as independent investigators cleared Lance, but as the Andrieus have new allegations about Armstrong’s pre-cancer training. Couple that with the ex-Liberty Seguros/Wurth scandal and the Spanish doping investigations, lingering doubts about Tyler Hamilton’s chimera, and baseball, and Drugs is one of the biggest stories waiting to be told about cycling and other sports.

I also would have been interested to talk to the Discovery Channel representative to see if they were planning podcasts or vodcasts of the Tour this year, and to see if my invite was an effort to expand into the “new media.”

OK, enough of this. Hope everyone has a great weekend…