I broke my mother’s heart

A couple of years ago, my mom sent up a kid’s book for Jake. It was about a mother who, every night, would sneak into her son’s room while the boy was sleeping and give him a kiss. Which is all well and good, except this book showed the mother

1. Actually belly-crawling along the floor, hiding in curtains, and that type of thing; and
2. Continuing to do this even after her son was grown and moved out of the house.

I told Mom I found the book actually kind of creepy.

She said it was probably her favorite kids’ book ever.

I’m a terrible son.

Anyway, I bring this up ’cause tonight caught me creeping into the boys’ rooms about midnight and kissing both of them on the head while they slept. Though I think I was secretly hoping they’d wake up. I’ve been down FedLand way – Maryland and VA, with a side trip to DC for breakfast one morning. Great trip. Good professionally, and enjoyable. Hit it off with my boss and our sponsors.

Running’s been pretty good – made 5+ on Saturday, 6-ish on Monday, and 5-ish on Tuesday. We were staying up by BWI, and there’s a great trail around the airport. Wish I’d taken pictures – if you’ve flown into Baltimore/Washington Int’l, you’ll recall that the airport is up on kind of a plateau. The view kind of goes on over the rolling hills of the Pax River valley, and the sunsets were nothing short of spectacular. Plus, the Maryland Highway department isn’t mowing, likely to save gas, and the wildflowers were everywhere.

Hope everyone’s having a great week. Two more t-ball games…