Look at all the people

Wow, so the pool was PACKED Thursday night. What the heck was up with that? Don’t those folks know that’s MY night to swim?

Just kidding, but MAN, was there a difference. Usually when I get to the pool between 8 and 8:30P, after the kids are safely tucked into bed, there’s me, the lifeguard, and maybe one other person. Tonite? The entire place was packed, and all but 3 lanes were completely full.

I picked the older and similarly shaped guy one lane in from the far wall. He said “Sure, I’ll share”. So we did.

It was kind of good swimming in traffic again. Not sure how many laps I did – probably 4×5 and 1×10. But there may have been another 5 lap set in there somewhere. I was tired when I finished.


In other, cooler news, my FatCyclist.com jersey is in. Man, is it cool. In hindsight, I should have ordered a large, but the medium is not uncomfortably tight. I will take it for a spin this afternoon.

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