Danger, BillJank

Ah, amigos – wonderful things are happening at work. Great and interesting things. The downside? I blew off running again today.

I think I will be caught up soon, and if I make it through this week, things should be good for a while. I just need a little collective kick-in-the-butt so I get out there tomorrow…



Oh, go check out my latest bit on Complete Running. I’m kind of happy with the way it came out, especially the cartoon they added at the end.

Come on everybody, let’s dance, swim like a fish

Coming off of Terramuggus, I took Friday off. Saturday, I ran home from the Y after swimming lessons – 5-ish miles, and mostly good ones. I kind of pooped out on a couple of steep sections before I got home. And my Asics are betraying me – not sure if it’s a bad pair, or not enough miles on my part, but they’re consistently giving me blisters on the ball of my foot. Not good. There’s a new pair of shoes in the mail, but we’ll cross that bridge when they arrive.

Yesterday was my first day in the office in two weeks, so, naturally, it was a zoo. I skipped the lunch run in favor of socializing (Darn friends). Called the Y before leaving the office, and the pool is still open until 2130 – SCHWEET!

Supper, kids in bed, and off to the Y. Not crowded tonight, which was nice. And, after dealing with Fort. H’s evaporatively cooled pool, the Y’s pool finally felt warm-ish. Still gave me a tad bit of shrinkage when getting in, but not what I had remembered.

And the swimming was good – opened with 5xbreast, and then started swimming freestyle. The crawl just clicked, and the laps rolled by. I lost count somewhere between 5 and 10, and just kept swimming as long as the strokes were long, smooth, and strong. About lap 15 or so, I flubbed a flip turn in the shallow end, and figured that was as good of a breakpoint as anything. Finished up with 5 laps of both side rotary breathing (which still kills me – Even though I’m right-handed, whatever obscure muscle is used to give enough “oomph” to keep my mouth clear of the water while I’m breathing on the right side is underdeveloped after years of left-side breathing) and another 5 laps of free.

But for a couple of laps there – man, swimming was amazing. No world, just black tiles, bubbles, turn, suck air, and black tiles again.