What a difference a day makes

Sunday: I got back from Arizona late, late Saturday night (as in 5 minutes to midnight or so), and was woken up by the boys. Church, lunch, got most of the yard mowed, and we headed down to the Y for Family Swim, with the usual thought that I’d run home.

After swimming, I was feeling – well, tired, and really kind of didn’t want to run. But, Missy goaded me into it with her svetlness and her recent speed, especially when she poked me in the belly.

Bleh. The run was awful, but I finished it. 4 miles, 40 minutes. Not one for the ages.

Leap forward to yesterday. I’m in class in Hartford this week, and stopped at Lake Terramuggus on the way home on Tuesday. Ran the PigIronSports run course plus a little bit. 8:30 miles, more or less: Not smokin’, but it felt good.

The first Terramuggus tri is on Thursday. I cannot wait, even though I know it is going to really, really hurt. My weight is still up around 170, probably 5 lbs heavier than my last tri campaign in 2005. But, I’m pretty happy in general.