Hazy shade of summer

I’m back in the blissful habit of doing my daily mileage from Ft. Weatherill in Jamestown – run however far I want to go, and finish with a quick dip in the chilly waters of the North Atlantic.

Augustathon is upon us – my first run there will be at lunch today. Alternate plan is Jamestown on my way to the Airport. Amazingly to me, Getnthinr has already ran and logged for the day as I type this at 0630ish EDT. See below:

Did a quick 3+ yesterday on the way home. Scratch that – I did a pretty slow 3+ on the way home yesterday – 28+ minutes to do 3-ish miles, though I think I got bitten by Nike+ for about a quarter mile. The sky, especially over the ocean, was a grey associated only with hot, steamy days on the bay. No chance of rain, but so much humidity in the air it’s almost foggy. But not quite.

The run was a study in silhouette, warm to the point of being hot, but not quite uncomfortable, knowing there was a 70 degree ocean into which to plunge at the end.