Augustathon – 2 down, 29 to go!

Despite traveling, I nailed the first two days of Augustathon. Three miles on the first at Jamestown, on the way to TF Green to catch the plane. Flew to Columbus with the faint scent of seaweed on me. Then this morning, I dragged out of bed at Oh-Dark-Thirty and did my 3 miles in the industrial park by the hotel. Believe it or not, running in the early morning midwest summer haze brought memories of my elementary days in Battle Creek, Michigan that hadn’t stirred in decades. This flyover country’s good stuff.

Here’s a rough list of folks who’ve signed up for Augustathon:


There’s 10 folks signed up at Nikeplus, with getnthinr off to a smokin’ start.

This is fun – thanks to y’all; it helped getting me out of the rack this morning.