Brilliant, Blood, and back on the road

Saturday – Actually ran during daylight hours. I did the same loop I did Saturday night, ‘cept in the other direction. Man, was that tough. If I run counterclockwise like I did Friday night, there’s two terribly steep hills and a long downhill. Clockwise like I ran on Saturday, there’s a long not so false flat that just goes on and on and on…

But the weekend was brilliant. Chilly in the evenings, sunny during the day. Today was blood drive at the local firehouse, and as i haven’t donated in a while, I felt compelled. So, before church, it was off to get stuck. I was the only donor there for an entire hour. Anyway, it’s done.

This evening, Jake and i headed down to the sound and fished for a while. Good times, no bites, but it was exceedingly pleasant to sit and watch the sun set into the sound. After getting home, I felt adequately recovered enough to hit the road. Don’t worry – I did just over 2 miles at about 10 minutes/mile, with a big walk in the middle.