Twelve down, 19 to go

So, the house is painted (At long last), and I managed to squeeze in two runs this weekend. Nothing special about either one, other than they got done.

Saturday’s was pre-supper, post painting. I headed down to River Road, got to 1.5 out and was feeling pretty good, so decided to leg it out to the 4 mile turn around. Mistake. Heading back up the hill from the river didn’t hurt so much as just suck the life out of me. So, I walked it, and finished up with 3.3 miles of running on the day.

Today, I waited until after the boys were down for the evening, and did the Flanders road loop. Three+ miles, and it felt pretty good. I walked one really steep downhill section, ’cause I didn’t want to pound the joints, and the last mile ended up being about 8:15, which rocks.

Next week is going to be tough – one week before an in-water install, and I’m traveling for part of it. But, I think I can get it done. According to Ali, it’s only 21 days to establish a habit.

The other folks still in the Nike+ challenge are tearing stuff up – both are about 10 miles ahead of me for the month, which completely rocks, and shows me what I could be doing if I were really dedicated and 15 lbs lighter.

Good eating starts next week (HA!)