Newest Janks / New Haven Teaser

First, huge congrats to my (not-so) little brother and his lovely wife on the birth of twins, Abigail and George. Mom and babies are doing fine.

And B) I logged my first DNF at New Haven. Chalk it up to Augustathon and a series of 3 milers getting the legs used to the shorter distance. Dropped out after about 10K with a huge blister on my left foot and nothing left in the tank. But, the 20 mile/week base is a good thing. It was great to see Danny again for the first time in a year – go say congrats on a 1:32 or so on the 20K. Dianna, Jon , Beth, and Chris were there as well, and it was great to have a little apizza with them the night before, though next year the Italian Bomb is off the menu. Post-race was a blast, as everyone tended to “linger longer”, to steal a phrase from the Rev. Dr. Mark.

Life’s good. Great actually. After running with Danny, I’m stealing my wife’s copy of “Run Less, Run Faster” to train for OKC. Even though I DNF’d, I think I’m where I need to be to start building. Diet starts tomorrow.