Dean Kamen can eat this guy

Wow – so I mock the Segway, and then suddenly, I’m provided with a personal transporter so unbelievably cool I’m tempted to call in sick for the next week and build one.

So, this guy and this guy have built, posted code and blueprints, and shown that it can be ridden without dying.

This I can see replacing the car – imagine thousands of folks in WWI helmets with long leather jackets and messenger bags slung over their shoulders ripping on the way to work.



Sunday Morning

Last week ended up being a wash for me. The trip I was on somehow sucked the life out of me. The class stinks, and I was more than a little bummed by the hotel, which looked to be in a promising running location, but had slightly more traffic and slightly taller hills than I’d anticipated. So, the running’s been miserable, and by miserable I mean mostly non-existant.

I had a great weekend at home – finished a home-improvement project I’ve been studiously putting off for a while, and had quality time with the boys. But, amazingly, I managed to blow off running.

Missy and I even had a little tussle about that. I’d mentioned that I was thinking about running on Sunday morning before church. I even went so far as to set an alarm and make sure my shoes were in the bag. But, ultimately, I woke up in the night to pee, turned off my alarm, and slept until the boys bounced on me. She was a bit cheesed, as she’d been planning on heading to the Y if I hadn’t run.

So, the takeaway is that I need to do what I say I’m going to do. Take a page from the wife, and stick to a plan.

7 months until OKC. 20 mile base is established. Now the training begins.