Freakin’ Awesome!

Man, there are some days when running’s a pain, and other days, like for me this Saturday, when it’s the absolute greatest thing in the world. Then today strikes, and I’m in the throes of a week that’s been greater than anything in a long time.

For what it’s worth, I’m astounded that I haven’t blogged about Saturday’s run, as it was phenomenal. Good things can happen when sneakers are strapped on, dear readers. Good things. I managed to eak out 20 miles last week, and it didn’t feel like a thing.

This week is off to a kind of inauspicious start – I’m busy, busy, and my schedule’s thrown off kilter. So, I’ve had a three day break after the great week last week. But I think I can salvage it. I have, interstingly enough, done pushups and crunches two of the three days, though.

Interestingly enough, though, I’m far more invested in Melissa’s 20 miler this weekend in preparation for Hartford than I am in anything else going on in my life. I’m completely pumped for her.