Canoe U

The older I get, the more I am drawn to folks with the innate ability to create things of beauty. There’s a case to be made, I think, that part of the ennui and dissatisfaction plaguing society these days comes from the disconnect of large parts of the population from the act of creation, and even moreso from the act of creation of beauty.

We picked up the new Lyle Lovett Album, “It’s not Big, it’s Large” this week, and MAN – the band sounds good. Highly recommended.

Spent last night down in Annapolis on business. I managed two runs down there – one immediately after checking into the hotel, about 7 in the evening. Ran through Old Town Annapolis onto the Naval Academy, and chased a couple of midshipmen who steadily pulled away from me the whole time. Great run, though – the last of the golden light of evening, through the twilight, and finishing up at the hotel as darkness settled in. Just the thing to get my stomached prepped for a lighter supper.

Woke up this morning, strapped on the sneakers, and did it again. Not quite the same route – this time I stayed on the civilian side of the fence, up past St. John’s College and over the USNA bridge, then back past the old statehouse, finishing up at the town dock for coffee and a bagel. ALMOST a perfect day, ‘cept when I ordered a blueberry bagel, toasted, with cream cheese, I got a wonderful bagel – really, really tough, chewy skin with a smooth chewy center – and (the horror!) a plastic bubble of cream cheese. Guess we’ll stay in New England, where they put the cheese on for you.

But I’m beat. Almost didn’t get a car yesterday afternoon; had to stay much further from my clients than usual (But Annapolis was a treat), and almost missed my flight back. But the trip was productive, the running was great, and I made it home in time for Jake’s soccer practice and Melissa’s book club.