Sex and Violence

Or, the second episode of Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

So, my lovely wife got me the 16 ton Megaset for Christmas. This very easily could have turned into many, many hours on the couch drinking beer. But, knowing myself, I’ve decided I’ve got to segment it out – I can only watch the episodes while I’m riding the trainer (Christmas from two years ago)

Now, you’d think that this would be tough, but the trainer’s a cheap one, and only a slight step up in resistance from riding the rollers. Although, I think I get more tired on the rollers, ’cause I’ve got to stay in control of my upper body so I don’t run into the wall.

You can tell it’s almost March – I’m starting to get twitchy getting home before dark, and thinking about two weeks until Daylight Savings Time, and enough daylight after work to sneak in a little bit of singletrack.

It happens every year – I think that I’m going to fall back in love with the bike, but life has tended to interfere. Maybe this is the year. Hopefully.

Running’s going well. I blew off my long run this weekend, but made my mileage, more or less between Tuesday’s epic on the Mall and Thursday. Tomorrow, I’ll extend past what is on the schedule, get a regular run in on Thursday, and pick up the long run on the weekend again. Missy showed me up – she rocked the Colchester Half Marathon while I chilled at the house with my folks and the Kids.

Drop the Doc a line – he had a rough time at the Austin Half.