So, apparently I’ve redefined “cross training” today to involve Pop-A-Shot and chasing 4 year olds at novelty themed pizza restaurants. Let’s not forget eating cake.

The slack (not really slack – I did paint the laundry room today, too) got me thinking about races for the rest of the year.

  • The Physical Readiness Test is next month (April). I’m shooting for under 10 minutes for the mile and a half (more realistic is 11 minutes). And there – just cranked out a set of 20 pushups. I need to build that up to 70 or so in a month. Right…
  • Next race is the OKC HalfMarathon with the Doc. I’ve decided to wimp out on the full marathon, but cannot wait to see my niece and nephews.
  • Got the email that the Bluff Point Twilight Trail Race is Friday, May 16 this year. I cannot, cannot, cannot, cannot wait. This is hands down my second favorite race of the year. It could easily be my absolute favorite, but it’s superceded by
  • The New Haven 20K Road Race. I DNF’d last year, but man, oh, man, do I love this race. Let me take a minute to talk smack: Annalisa – I’m digging on your schedule for R2R; very similar to what I’m doing for OKC, so indeed, I am Down. Danny – Geeze, save us some food this year, OK? Jon – you do get one holiday each year, right? And AA & Dianna – man, I cannot wait for this race.
  • Lastly, JKRunning posted that the NYC lottery’s up, so I went ahead and pulled the trigger. If I don’t get drawn, I’ll probably target either Hartford or the MCM, but we’ll see.