I’m looking for recommendations.

Did the run sockless last night, and today there’s a couple of tender spots on my foot. No actual blisters, per se, but after a couple of weeks of running sockless and a couple runs on sand, there’s enough grit imbedded in the shoes to rub.

So I’m wondering what y’all wear – I’ve been pretty content with plain cotton ankle socks, but with an imminent increase in mileage, might “invest” in a couple of pairs of fancy socks.

That I’ll was after every use.

Second Verse, Same As the First

‘Cept a little bit slower and a little less worse.

Yeah, I was a camp kid. Every summer, I got trundled off to day camp, or when I was older, off to overnight camp. The crazy thing? I loved it. Nothing better than living in the woods with other kids, getting to shoot and paddle and run and play. I even really enjoyed sing-alongs, be they bawdy camp songs or hymns at chapel. Best job I ever had was as a camp counselor, ’cause I got to get paid for playing. And the only evaluations that mattered were then ones at the end of the term when the campers’d bring over their parents to say “Hey – this is Billy. He’s cool”. Well, that and making sure that every night we tucked in the same number of campers that we woke up each morning and hadn’t lost any to drownings, rockslides, snakebites, gunshots, etc.
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