More or less.

I’d like to claim that I was totally and completely busy for the last week or so, but I’d be kind of lying. I have been busy enough that, while I have missed y’all greatly, other things (like sleep) have been more pressing. I’d apologize, but we’ve all been there, or will be.

The black cloud that struck Dianna and April-Anne skirted past Mystic, but never actually struck. Work’s been stressful but productive, the baby’s been sick, better, sick again, and better again, and I kind of blew a week’s worth of training.

Warding off the cloud – the boyos and I headed down to the Seaport for the antique and small craft weekend. Lots of beautiful boats I forgot to take pictures of while trying to keep the baby from walking off the wharf.
jake and nate in whaling boat 3
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