Deep thoughts on Doping

From the Guardian:

If sports fans really want to see achievement that they can relate to, perhaps athletes should be restricted to diets of pizza and beer, and be required to have 40-hour-a-week desk jobs. In the first half of the 20th Century, Tour de France cyclists used to puff cigarettes on the go. How’s that for a physical triumph!

If the greatest possible feat of athleticism is what spectators seek, then that is what they will get (and often are getting). And if that means 250-pound genetically enhanced behemoths dunking on 15-foot basketball rims, then never fear, the science is on the way.

I’ll admit, there’s a certain part of me that does want to see freaks of nature. Kind of like the part of me who loved comic books and superheros. But that’s also the part who ought not be trusted with kids or car keys.

So where do we go? I’m curious to hear what y’all think.