Get the blood pumping

Woo HOO!

I finally got off my butt early enough to exercise before I sit down at my desk for the day! Quick bike ride on Jamestown before crossing the bridge. Cool but not chilly, and I was really disappointed that it was as humid as it was without going into full-blown fog.

Rode the 8 mile loop at the north end of the island – 25 minutes! on the Singlespeed.

I’m really, really getting into the single-speed. There’s something just pure and easy about it – click in and pedal. No shifting, no grinding – just chain, wheels, frame, and the road. Can’t quite figure it out, but somehow it’s tight. Instant acceleration, the satisfaction of spinning out on the downhill (though I’m really thinking about going down a cog size – would be nice to be fast.)

Anyways, life rocks. The boys are healthy, the wife tolerates me ;) and there’s still two months of beautiful weather at least.

OH, and Jon’s in today. Run at lunch.

Party on, Wayne.