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So, I’ve been fuming for going on two weeks now, ever since Floyd popped positive. Which is why I was thrilled to read the following:

What we really need is a Doping Control system in which the world can believe and trust. … (Doping) not only cheats other athletes, but also promotors, sponsors and the general public. Being caught in possession of performance enhancing drugs should carry a penalty.

Paula Radcliffe gets it.

*** Edit: Or at least claims to. Man, that’s the whole, crappy thing about doping – How do I really know that she’s not on the sauce, and just has a really, really good doctor? Stupid cynicism. I choose to believe. I choose to believe…

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There’s a song (off this album) that the boys and I love, from a group that was all “cool” and “indie” way back when I was in High School, and into things that were “cool” and “indie”. The band’s doing lots of kids music now. But that’s cool, right? And I’m still cool ’cause I still listen to them, right?

Anyway, the band’s Trout Fishing In America, and the song is “The Window”. It’s a Polka (a plus, right?), and it’s got an acapella section (another plus, right?). The general gist is that the guys in the band kind of hack up nursery rhymes, kind of like this:

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
All the king’s horses, and all the king’s men
The window, the window,
He threw them out the window
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men,
He threw them out the window!

It’s good – Old Mother Hubbard – She threw them out the window! Peter Peter Pumpkin eater – He threw her out the window! Etc, so on, and so forth. Given enough demand, I’ll record a snippet of me and the boys and post it…

OK, so, I suppose that’s enough digression. The half-marathon schedule that I’ve not been using to prepare for New Haven called for 6 miles today. It had also called for rest days both Monday and Tuesday, and we all know how well I followed those.

But, after whining on Monday about being concerned about making 20K on Labor Day (love the rhymes…) I didn’t have much choice but to strap on the sneakers on the way home today. Selected 10K on the Nano, put on the shades, and started beating feet.

Running felt great again. Not having anyone to chase, I kept the pace reasonable. The first 4K were great – loved the voice in my ear each time I clicked off another klick. K#5 was kind of rough, but I pushed up the hill on the southern half of the island.

I went ahead and extended to about 5.5 K on the “out”, as I’ve figured out a way to slightly minimize the hills on the “back”. My calves were a bit tight, so I decided to tip my hat to Galloway, and accept that I was already past my¬† total mileage for last week.

The walk did the trick – when I started running again, the “tight” was gone, and the road slipped beneath my feet. Awesome.

6.4 miles, 54 minutes.

Oh, and Jon? After I was done, and the automated voice (which sounds completely non-automated) finished telling me the stats of the run, some strange voice with an English accent comes on and says “Hello, I’m Paula Radcliffe, and I wanted to congratulate you on your longest run to date.” What’s not to love about Nike+iPod? There’s even strange women whispering in your ear while you’re hot, sweaty, and out of breath!

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